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Yoga and Osteoporosis

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Jeff Conforti, PT, DPT & Tina Stroh BA, e-ryt 500

Dr. Jeff Conforti is the Director of Physical Therapy at Conforti Physical Therapy. Jeff has nearly 30 years of diverse experience in the fields of physical therapy and fitness.

Tina Stroh has been a student and teacher of yoga for over 30 years. She has completed numerous yoga teacher trainings and workshops and is the founder and co-owner of her own yoga studio.

Yoga may be an effective part of the treatment for osteoporosis. Practicing yoga poses for as little as ten minutes a day can increase bone density. Done regularly, yoga is a great way to help improve your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, muscle mass, agility, and energy level. Learn some basic moves to get you started! Remember, if you can breathe, you can do yoga!

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Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests Getting Involved!

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Marci Mowery, President

Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation

A native of Lancaster County, Marci Mowery spent her youth exploring the natural areas of the county and the mountains near the family camp, which shaped her future as a professional conservation leader. Her 27-year career spans various positions with the National Audubon Society and as President of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation. When not ‘speaking for the trees’, Marci enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods, and reading.

Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests provide a myriad of opportunities for engaging in the outdoors. Learn about the many values and benefits of spending time in the outdoors and explore easy ways to get involved in your local state parks and forests.

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The Four Ms of Age Friendly Care

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Jenny Knecht-Fredo, Advanced Care Practitioner

Jenny earned a dual master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner Studies and Nursing Education from The Pennsylvania State University. Jenny has extensive experience in geriatrics, endocrinology, hospice, wellness health evaluations, and clinical instruction. Jenny is passionate about patient empowerment and clinical policy development to improve geriatric health outcomes.

A movement to create Age-Friendly Health Systems is underway in the United States. The goal is to create health systems that ensure every older adult receives the best care possible, is not harmed by care, and is satisfied with the care they receive. Using the 4Ms framework brings focus to What Matters, Medication, Mental Activity, and Mobility. When put into practice, this framework can help you manage your health in ways that are unique to you. 

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