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Safe Driving Mindset

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Matthew Frampton

South Central PA Highway Safety

Matt Frampton is a former Pennsylvania State Police Trooper. He retired from the Pennsylvania State Police in 2016, having completed 22 years of service. Matt is now with South Central PA Highway Safety (SCPAHS). SCPAHS is PennDOT’s Community Traffic Safety Program for Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, and Perry Counties. SCPAHS’s mission is to prevent injury and/or death on Pennsylvania’s highways through traffic safety education to the public.

Are you a Safe Driver? Are you sure? Be prepared to learn a few techniques to help you be both a safer driver and a safer passenger. This presentation covers several strategies to develop a proper driving mindset, limit distractions and increase focus on driving. The presentation also provides information on two PennDOT programs for providing vital identifying information in emergency situations and provides guidelines for assessing a mature driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.

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Brain Fitness After 50

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Dr. Ann Kolanowski

Professor of Psychiatry at the College of Medicine, Penn State University

Dr. Kolanowski has published over 140 papers on cognitive impairments in scientific journals. She is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and the Gerontological Society of America, and the founding director of the Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence at Penn State University.

Are certain activities more stimulating for our brains? Are there things we should avoid? Dr. Ann Kolanowski will discuss brain health and what individuals can do to keep our brains healthy. Learn tips and techniques for what you can do to keep your brain functioning at higher levels as you age.

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