MindMatters: A distinctive approach to learning

WITF, Central Pennsylvania’s affiliate for PBS and NPR, is offering an exciting initiative for Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) Senior Community Centers and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) to offer highly engaging educational programming.

The project, called MindMatters, delivers a monthly series of intellectually stimulating lectures by knowledgeable presenters on topics of most interest to older adults.

  • MindMatters lectures are presented by academic lecturers and experts on subjects ranging from history to current events, politics and culture.
  • The lectures cover subjects on a regional, national, international scale and allow attendees to watch, listen and learn, and then explore, expand and share their views.
  • These compelling lectures are delivered via webcast, allowing groups of attendees at multiple locations to attend from familiar surroundings.
  • Each presentation is intended to be an interactive experience. Audiences are encouraged to discuss the topics after the presentation. Sample discussion questions are provided.
Can I offer MindMatters at my facility?

The technical requirements are minimal and are likely already available at your facility. For an optimal experience, the following minimum requirements must be met: access to a wired broadband Internet connection; a laptop, desktop, or Mac computer that can output video to a projector or large monitor and output audio to appropriately-sized speakers or a PA system.

How will WITF help me to market events to my clients?

We want to increase the reach and appeal for locations hosting the MindMatters programs. WITF will work with your facility to provide PDF flyers, html images for emails and e-newsletters, and digital images for in-house television channels or digital promotion monitors.

For more information:

Michael J. Williams
Mind Matters Producer & Lifelong Learning Advisor


Full Lecture Catalog

MindMatters is one of the ways WITF serves educational needs in our communities – to stimulate curiosity and learning across the human lifespan, from early childhood through elder maturity. Our goal is to support all our roles in life, as students, as parents and as citizens.”

-Kathleen Pavelko, WITF President and CEO