Optical Illusions: A Look At How The Human Eye Works

Category: Season 2


Lou Thieblemont

Professional Speaker, Airline Pilot (Retired)

Many of us think we are in perfect control of what our minds believe to be true or false. But what happens when your mind is unable to determine what is impossible? Imagine what would happen if your mind suddenly overrides your conviction that something is false. That is exactly how the mind perceives optical illusions!

So just how do these intriguing illusions work? Is yellow really yellow? Your brain is constantly interpreting everything you see, feel and hear. You rely on your mind for everything you do in your life from complex decision making and logic to the simplest tasks such as eating with a spoon.

In Optical Illusions we’ll explore how the eye and brain can sometimes fool you & explore how the eye sees color and motion. And we’ll also explore how what you learned from your earliest days can fool you later in life.

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