News, Views, and Attitudes Part 2: The Development of News Media in The United States

Category: Season 10

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Mark Kelley, PhD., Author, Journalist

Mark Kelley, PhD. is a native Pennsylvanian, who taught journalism/mass communications at Syracuse University and the University of Maine, after twenty-five years as a professional journalist.

The News, Views, and Attitudes series explores the state of the news media and their audiences today, trying to examine whether truth can be found there and, if so, how someone might be more successful in extracting it. This session tracks the development of news media in the United States and examines how well they have communicated the truth–about people, places, and things–that we need to know. It examines efforts by some to discredit certain media and convince audiences they are not telling the truth (fake news). It also notes the advent of the Internet, and the threat it poses by creating a world where everyone can claim to be a journalist.

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