Mending the Stress Fence

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Jacqueline Amor-Zitzelberger, MA, Extension Educator

Jacque’ is an PennState Extension Educator based in Clearfield, PA. She works in the Food, Families, and Health unit and provides community-based educational programs related to Early Childhood Education, Family Strengths, Behavioral Health & Substance Misuse, and the Relatives as Parents (RAPP) program.

Agriculture ranks among one of the most stressful and hazardous industries. Farmers face numerous risks, including personal injuries, extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, machine breakdowns and rollovers, disease outbreaks in their herds or flocks, and fluctuating crop prices. Managing these challenges can create undue stress on the farmer and farm family. Mending the Stress Fence is a 45-minute webinar, developed by Michigan State University Extension in response to the increasing levels of stress in the farming community.

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