Lottery Frauds & Sweepstakes Scams

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Mary Bach

Independent Consumer Advocate and Chair, AARP Pennsylvania Consumer Issues Task Force

Mary Bach is a nationally recognized, independent Consumer Advocate. She is also Chair of the AARP Pennsylvania Consumer Issues Task Force. She has taken her knowledge to many television outlets including the Today Show, Good Morning America, Donahue, and Dateline. She has also been featured in the pages of Good Housekeeping, Business Week, Money Magazine, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Her work is centered around preventing fraud against older consumers.

That free, all-inclusive vacation —is it too good to be true? Did you really win a lottery you don’t remember entering? Are free contests really free? Pennsylvanians report more than 50,000 cases of fraud to the Federal Trade Commission each year. Don’t fall for these classic phone and mail scams. Get common sense advice and learn to spot “Red Flags” that will help protect you from consumer fraud.

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